Qigong for me is connecting to my soul and getting out of my head and connecting with my body. 
I feel grounded and have more energy.
Bettina is an amazing teacher and she has a beautiful way of connecting people and opening up a safe space for people to open up and connect to themselves again 🥰 “Michelle”

Bettina Bennett Borgen is the founder of Beqi.ch and has been a Certified Qigong Instructor since 2017. She has practiced dance for 46 years, yoga for 25 years and martial arts karate for 10 years.

From the very young age of 2½ years, she started dancing. Jazz ballet, disco, ballet and especially ballroom dancing (Standard and Latin) was a big part of her youth and young adult life.

She was on the Danish National Team. Ranked on the International Ranking List as no. 4 – under age 21. Danish champion in Standard dance. Silver and bronze medals both in Latin and Standard. Dancing is a movement of awareness, focus, joy and happiness.

From the age of 15 years, she was introduced to meditation which became a great tool for her to practice on a daily base.

In her previous career as a graphic designer in the publishing industry with tight deadlines and long working hours was a very stressful time and as a mother of three lovely children, a change of mindset was needed.

The feeling of flow in her life, was when she was introduced to the amazing life-tool Qigong. Combining her experiences from dancing, meditation, yoga, martial arts and as a Certified Qigong Instructor her wish with her teaching, is to be a part of spreading the knowledge of Qigong to others.

How these beautiful slow movements and the benefit of Qigong can have a huge impact on the life and body of others.

The love of joy-full wisdom contained by the mind, heart and body of Qigong.

Love Bettina

About me...

2022 April – May
The Inner Alchemy of Tai Chi By Master Mantak Chia.

2021 September-October
The Five Animal Frolics with Lee Holden

2021 May
The Diamond Inlay by Donna Eden Method

2021 January
Alchemy Qigong training with Master Mantak Chia

Alchemy Qigong Series By Master Mantak Chia
Qigong Instructor Level 1 & 2.
  • Inner Alchemy Basics & Sexual Alchemy, 
  • Craniosacral Qigong & Wisdom Qigong,
  • Stem Cell Qigong  & 5 Element Qigong,
  • Tan Tien Qigong & Cosmic Healing Qigong/Buddha Palm (Part 1 & 2),
  • Tao Yin Qigong & Cosmic Healing Qigong//Buddha Palm (Part 3 & 4),
  • Golden Elixir Qigong (Five Finger Kung Fu).
  • Click here to see more about Mantak Chia

The Essentials of Energy Medicine Course by Donna Eden

OPPE-Guide Education – By psychologist Mette Holm

Online Qigong training by Sheng Zhen Meditations Master Li Junfeng

August 2019
Sheng Zhen Meditations Qigong workshop with Master Li Junfeng & Li Jing

Superbrain with Jim Kwik (Mindvalley certificate program)

Qigong Health Practitioner Certification Course by Master Mingtong Gu

Robert Peng Qigong Certificate of training Yi Jin Jing, Body/mind transformation

Certified Qigong Instructor By Qigong Master Fraling

Meditation Course By Anne Lund Nardi

Graphic Designer Freelance

Educated Fashion Designer Copenhagen Fashion and Design school

Apprenticeship as Graphic Designer

Former Ballroom Dancer (Standard and Latin):

  • Danish champion standard dance 1985, 1986, 1988
  • Silver and bronze medals Latin and standard
  • Danish National Team – Standard Dancer
  • Ranked on the International Ranking List as No. 4 – Under age 21


Qigong – Meditation (first time 1988) – Prana Yoga (since 1996) –  Karate – Tai Chi Yang Style – Golf – Hiking – skiing – Dancing (since 1973) – Sewing/designing cloth. – Singing in Walchwil church choir

Beqi qigong dance flow Bettina Borgen

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