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Essential oils – a world of scents

My first introduction to essential oils was back in 2012 during a yoga session and I remember being captivated by their lovely scents.

But it wasn’t until about a year ago that essential oils found their way back to me when I attended a crystal course where the essential oils lavender and wild orange oil were part of the course. 

Lavender quickly became my favourite as it gives me a deep sense of calm and relaxation. On the other hand, wild orange oil fills me with joy and happiness every time I use it.

After a wrist injury that required surgery and metal implants, I started applying lavender oil to my arm and shoulder during my hand rehabilitation.
I love the calming properties of lavender, which calms the body.

I love this new journey and I can’t wait to learn more. Exploring the fascinating world of essential oils is incredibly exciting and you’re always learning something new.
So far I’ve had nothing but wonderful experiences and I’m constantly discovering new and exciting ways in which they can improve my wellbeing.

With love, Bettina

Lavandula angustifolia

Lavender, scientifically known as Lavandula angustifolia, is an essential oil that has gained immense popularity due to its unique fragrance and numerous applications. In ancient times, the Romans and Egyptians would incorporate Lavender into their bathing rituals. Over the years, people have discovered a wide range of benefits associated with this versatile oil. Lavender is extensively used in the cosmetics and perfume industries for its ability to enhance skin health and cleanliness. Moreover, its soothing properties have been utilized to promote relaxation and uplift mood. Given its diverse advantages, Lavender has become a staple oil that is valued for its versatility in various settings.


Lavender provides several primary benefits that contribute to overall well-being. One notable advantage is its potential to support and improve skin health, which is why it is highly favored in skincare routines. This multi-purpose plant has been highly esteemed and utilized by ancient civilizations, and its popularity endures today, particularly in the field of cosmetics. In addition to its distinct aroma and practical applications, Lavender is renowned for its calming and relaxing effects, making it a preferred choice for individuals seeking tranquility.

dōTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade™

dōTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade™ essential oils are pure, natural, aromatic compounds carefully extracted from plants. They do not contain fillers or artificial ingredients that would dilute their active qualities and are free of contaminants or other chemical residues.

As important as it is to keep contaminants out of our oils, assuring the presence of the oils’ active compounds at the right levels is necessary to guarantee safety and effectiveness. Many oils claim to be therapeutic grade, and some may be pure, but few are subjected to rigorous testing standards for chemical composition. dōTERRA

CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade essential oils are cross tested using Mass Spectrometry and Gas Chromatography to ensure both the extract purity and composition potency of each batch.

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The MetaPWR System

MetaPWR™ Advantage

Food Supplement with Collagen, Botanicals, Essential Oils, Vitamins, Sugar and Sweeteners

As our bodies’ natural production of NAD+/ NADH (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) and collagen declines over time, our bodily functions are unable to perform to the best of their ability. That’s where MetaPWR™ Advantage comes in. It contains nine types of collagen tripeptides from marine sources and NMN (Nicotinamide mono nucleotide) which may contribute to the production of NADH and NAD+. Delivered in a tasty, powdered format, take MetaPWR Advantage to fortify your overall body composition from the inside out.

More information about Metapwr-advantage




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Love Bettina

Lavender 15 ml

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One of the best ways to discover and receive products is through a doTERRA membership.
There are two membership types: Wholesale Customer and Wellness Advocate.

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What is the difference between becoming a Wellness Advocate and becoming a Wholesale Customer?

Joining doTERRA opens up a world of wellness. There are various ways that doTERRA can help you live the life you imagine. Here are the two membership account types.

Wholesale Customers

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Benefits of Being a Wholesale Customer

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Benefits of Being a Wellness Advocate

  • Bonuses & Compensation: doTERRA provides a business opportunity for those interested in creating an income
  • doTERRA Personal Website: Receive a personal website that can be used if you would like to share essential oils with others
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