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Balance your mind, body, and heart
with mindful movement


Balanciere deinen Verstand,
deinen Körper und dein Herz mit Mindfullness Bewegung aus.

Qigong - Mindful movement


Qigong is ”Working with qi - your energy” Qi = Energy - gong = work.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese healing art that uses breathing, gentle movement, sounds, and visualization to cultivate Qi or Universal Life Force. Qigong has been taking place for over a thousand years and belongs to traditional Chinese medicine. Qigong is a part of TCM = Traditional Chinese/Chinese Medicine, which is about balancing and harmonizing body and mind so that all organs and cells function optimally.

Qigong is a complete body training, that strengthens, relaxes, and awakens the joy-full wisdom capacity of mind, heart, and body. Qigong helps to release energy blockages and leads to a natural, healthy balance so that the life of energy can flow from the head down to the feet.


When was the first time Qigong was being practiced?


The documented history of what I know as qigong goes back approximately 2,500 years, but Chinese archaeologists and historians have found references to qigong-like techniques from at least 5,000 years ago. Though the historical references say it was kept as a secret and indicate that qigong-like practices were common in royal and aristocratic households from ancient times. You can find lots of very interesting articles and books about the history of Qigong. Many of the famous physicians were also qigong masters.

Qigong was their treatment of choice, and if that practice was not enough to restore balance, the physician prescribed an herbal formula and/or acupuncture.
Under the Cultural Revolution 1966, TCM and Qigong were forbidden. Qigong practitioners were very careful and avoid government scrutiny as anyone involved in the prohibited pursuits would likely be put in jail. It lasted for 10 years. Now we are truly fortunate to have open access to this ancient technology of Qigong as a method to reclaim our health and access our energetic resources.


Who can practice Qigong and why?


Qigong is for everyone!
The movements are so calm and sensitive that everyone can participate. You can practice from standing, seated, or lying positions, and the movements can be adjusted so it suits your health conditions regardless of your current level of fitness or age. Find out how small movements can make a big impact. ”Less is More”.


There are many different ways to learn and do Qigong. Like any other sport. Qigong for me is about learning to feel your whole body. Feel the movements, the inner peace, be curious, strengthens, bring balance, harmony, relaxes and awakens the joy-full wisdom capacity of mind, heart, and body. Qigong is the most fantastic self-healing method.



When can I practice Qigong? Are there preferred times in the day when it is more beneficial?


Someone says it is good to practice at dawn, others say at night. I have practiced at different times — morning, early afternoons, evenings, late mornings. All of them are equally beneficial. Some people like the benefit of evening/night practice - once the main stress of the day is over. They sleep better. I think it is important to find a rhythm that is good for you. We are all different. For me, I like to do morning Qigong around 9.00 am or in the evening around 8.00 pm. Try to practice Qigong every day – just like brushing your teeth also if you only have 5 minutes – but try to do a half-hour to an hour each day to get the benefit. It’s a lifestyle.


Is it preferable to practice Qigong outdoor? Why?


Yes, it is very lovely to practicing outside is a special feeling. It aligns us with nature, feeling the connecting with the Qi, the sounds, the surrounding, the planet, inside, outside, around us. Practicing outside helps us to develop your concentration, power, and balance your inner energy while loving and appreciating nature, it is music for the soul. Practicing outdoors, allows yourself to concentrate, feeling, and awareness to each movement without being affected by noises from the environment, people speaking, laughing or someone watches you.

Find a place somewhere where you feel safe, because we typically close our eyes during the session, so find a nice safe place. Avoid unclean spaces it is negative energy for humans.

Avoid strong winds. A gentle breeze is fine, but if the wind is too strong, it may disturb your energy. This follows the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is easy enough to avoid the strong wind. Its OK if it is raining, as long are you are protected. When outside wear lots of warm layers so you do not get cold.


Enjoy your practice.

beqi - Qigong by Bettina
beqi - Qigong by Bettina

Qigong by Bettina B. Borgen

Qigong is for everyone.

The movements are so calm and sensitive that everyone can participate.


Qigong ist für jedermann geeignet.
Die Bewegungen sind so ruhig und feinfühlig, dass jeder mitmachen kann.

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